For The Love of Internet

In the last few years there is a trend visible of contemporary art institutions and museums trying to open up to a broader public. Think about the Louvre museum recently allowing the Carters (Beyoncé and Jay-Z) to use the Louvre as a film set for their music video Apeshit. Leaving aside the financial benefits most art institutions can gain from this kind of exposure, this leads to access for those who normally wouldn’t have the social or cultural capital to visit a museum or art institution. It is important to acknowledge that this ‘opening up’ of art by museums or art institutions unfolds distinctively for digital art and especially digital art that can only exist in the realm of the internet.

This kind of art, and its use of the internet as a starting point of artistic creation, has the inherent potential to be open for all (who have access to the internet). The medium of the internet with its infinite websites creates new possibilities in presenting digital art to the public. Is it finally possible to have a truly open and free website-based exhibition of digital art? The artists in For The Love of Internet concentrate on this renewing way of displaying digital art and expand the possibilities of the website as a material for their work, while being able to sell the authentic digital artwork at the same time.

In a way For The Love of Internet stays connected to a real life art exhibition, but without asking the digital artists to translate their work in a physical form because it then would lose all its authenticity and aura. The works on display solely exist on the website and are open to all with access to internet.